Friday, 5 November 2010


I thought i'd experiment with writing a WPF app which can expose some SQL2008 reports that i've developed. Notwithstanding the workaround required to use ReportViewer in WPF (see here) it appears that due to the timeline of when VS2008 and SQL2008 were developed/released, you can't use ReportViewer 2008 with SQL2008 reports!! See the quote below from this forum thread:

"Visual Studio 2008 was released much earlier than SQL Server 2008, so ReportViewer 2008 is based on the 2005 version of RDL. A SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 server report is based on the 2008 version of RDL, so, it can't be degrade to 2005 RDLC".

Bit of a pain, but it sounds like this should all be fixed up in Visual Studio 2010.

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