Friday, 10 December 2010

SQL Database Project in Juneau!!

I've just watched the following video and it seems that MS are finally going to add a database project type to the default development environment.

Although there appear to be plenty of extra features which are impressive, just having the ability to store your database schema as a project is a massive step forward. Previously, this option was only available in Visual Studio Database Edition (aka datadude) and came at a fairly significant cost. I always thought that MS was selling DBAs/Database Developers a little short by not providing this out of the box in SSMS or BIDS but now it appears that they rectifying the situation.

It'll be interesting to see what this means for SSMS. Perhaps this will be streamlined to be more akin to the old Enterprise Manager and used as an Administration tool rather than the dev/admin hybrid that it currently exists as. Personally, although I have VS2008DE, i tend to do my development using SSMS and then really just use VS2008DE to manage the project from a source control perspective. Its certainly not ideal but SSMS is where i feel most comfortable and I think this just highlights the need for a more "joined up" approach to the SQL tool suite. Fingers crossed this is the solution.

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  1. Thanks for watching the video! Our goal for "Juneau" is to provide developers with a unified environment so that you can admin/design/deploy your database seamlessly.

    Be sure to check back our dev center at for the latest news of our product.

    Tiffena Kou
    Technical Writer
    SQL Server Developer Tools, codename "Juneau"


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