Friday, 8 July 2011

SQLPeople: I'm a SQL Person!!

Thursday the 7th July 2011 was a big day for me. I officially became a SQL Person. No, its not the first time I had a job whose core responsibilities revolved around SQL Server nor even the first time i'd written a SQL query. No, this was the day when I had my interview published on SQLPeople

SQLPeople is the brainchild of Andy Leonard (Blog | Twitter) and is a project for the SQL community. The SQL community is a vibrant, rewarding and educational group to be a part of and SQLPeople adds yet another dimension. At the moment, its principally a series of blogs about people within the SQL community and an opportunity to put some personality around those guys who you may only ever see in the context of the MSDN Forums, Blogs or #SQLHelp. However, I can see this concept growing and growing and I believe there has already been a first event in the US. Andy has done a great job.

I'm proud to be a part of SQLPeople and its reaffirmation that working in the SQL Server arena can be a rewarding experience.

Read my interview here.

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