Monday, 16 August 2010

T-SQL: Intellisense? Where's that new table?

Does this ring a bell?

You're developing in SSMS and you issue a CREATE TABLE command. You then (understandably) want to add some rows to your new table, so you pop open a new window, start typing your INSERT command and when intellisense pops up the list of tables, your new one isn't there.

No matter as you can easily refresh the cache by just hitting CTRL + SHIFT + R (or go Edit, Intellisense from the menu).

Now, the funny thing is that if you'd have just started typing your insert statements in the same window as the one where you created the table, the table would have been available in the intellisense cache. But new windows opened don't appear to reflect this - its as if each query connection keeps a list of new objects created and then adds these to the main local cache.

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