Friday, 14 January 2011

Denali SSIS: Execute Packages with T-SQL

Its always been a bother to me that SSIS (DTS) and the Database Engine are essentially separate products. Although they are part of the SQL Server stack, they don't really integrate (ouch!) together, illustrated by the fact they use different IDEs.

In a few roles I've had, I've needed the application to call an SSIS package from a T-SQL stored procedure and although there has been a couple of workarounds I've never been entirely satisfied with this.

At long last this appears to have been rectified and in the first CTP of the next version of SQL Server (Denali), Integration Services has been "promoted" to the Database Engine tree in Object Explorer.

But much more exciting that that is that now, there is the ability to execute SSIS packages with a T-SQL Command. Jamie Thomson has written a blog post on this exact thing so rather than me just rehash what he has done, here's the link!

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