Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Targets 2011

Fully aware that its now the second week of January, I thought i'd make a belated attempt to jot down a few targets for 2011. I should stress, that these are purely professional related and actually, very SQL specific and I do have other things I want to achieve this year but thats for a different blog!!

There isn't anything particularly exciting about the targets themselves, but i'm conscious that I need to start protecting my GOLD time in order to achieve them.

1) Write 52 blog posts
2) Complete MCITP certification
3) Stay "current" and keep on top of DenaliCTPs
4) Continue to be an active participant in the SQL forums

So nothing too radical in there, but it will mean a bit of self discipline and some determination to keep them. Its a new year, so lets start with best intentions.

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