Monday, 24 January 2011

Powershell: use it or lose it

Powershell has been around a good few years now and I've heard so much good stuff about it but i'm still finding it difficult to "get into". As i've said before, my favoured method of learning something is to use it in anger but I find that I go through patches of using it and then just naturally drift away. Use it or lose it, is the phrase that springs to mind.

Perhaps this is because at the moment, I don't have a huge server farm to deal with and so maintenance tasks aren't onerous and so its quite tough to force yourself to use a technology if you don't need to.

In saying that, I recognise how its a powerful language and could make many tasks (eg reading error logs) much more straight forward IF you need to do those tasks on multiple servers frequently i.e Powershell helps you benefit from economies of scale.

This year, i'm going to try and make a concerted effort to "learn" powershell and add this string to my bow as I believe its going to be a must have for any database professional in the near future.

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