Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SSMS: Intellisense Won't Let Me PARTITION BY!


This post is really just a rant inspired from a throw away comment in this blog post.

I write a lot of CTEs (because they're great!), often in conjunction with the PATITION BY clause. I'm using SQL2008 (although the behaviour is the same in 2008R2 and Denali) and get incredibly frustrated with SSMS when writing this type of query becuase it inevitably ends up with intellisense selecting PARTITION_FRAGMENT_ID. This is because hitting space bar selects the highlighted keyword.

I haven't found a way of working around this effectively other than hitting ESC to close the dialog and then continuing. Ho hum.


  1. Remember what development was like before Intellisense.

  2. This is back in SSMS 17.2. Very annoying.


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