Tuesday 17 July 2012

T-SQL Tuesday #32 - A Day In The Life

T-SQL Tuesday has been a little off my radar for the last few months (as has all blogging activity!), so I was delighted when Twitter reminded me that it was that time of the month. Even better, the topic chosen by Erin Stellato (Blog | Twitter) was a great one that I felt I could really engage with.

So here we go. For the record, my job title is Database Administrator.

The task as laid out in the invitation suggested to talk through your day on the 11th or 12th July which just so happened to be the day I resigned from my current role. Writing down a handover list was an interesting task in itself as it gave me the opportunity to put down in words what the key parts of my job were and what skills gap would be left. I have to say, I was surprised (and pleased) that the number of tasks on the list that required significant handover to another collegue were minimal as I have been very diligent in ensuring that I was not a Single Point of Failure in my organisation. As such, I have written plenty of documentation and made extensive use of Source Control and Task Tracking systems to ensure that even if people do not know what I've done, there is a paper trail to explain it.

What was apparent was the varying skills I employ in my day to day, many of which are not even related directly to SQL Server. Much of my day is spent in project meetings, planning or analysing roadmaps and although the applications typically have a database backend, its not the focus of my attention. I am fortunate to be able to dedicate some time each day to reading blogs and technical articles to help stay up to date although I also spend my fair share of time in firefighting mode. The traditional DBA element probably takes up less than 1 day a month partly due to the small size of the estate but also because I've been effective (backslap for myself here!) in automating many of the tasks.

Is my job really a Database Administrator role? I don't think so and in truth it wasn't from the outset but this hasn't been a bad thing. I enjoy the variety of being involved in the different aspects of SQL Server and feel it makes me a much more effective professional and I imagine that this is the case for many other fellow SQL Server pros. However, I've encouraged my company to not advertise the role under this job description as I believe it may attract candidates with unrealistic expectations.

As for me, I'm not sure what my next role has in store but I hope it affords me the time to participate in future T-SQL Tuesdays!!

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